'The edges of this place' by Sinéad Smyth

5th May - 23rd Jun Echo Echo Studios, Magazine Street, Derry Opening Event 7pm; Mon-Fri 10am-4pm
Echo Echo Gallery hosts an exhibition of new work by associate artist, Sinéad Smyth


Image - detail from 'Tonn Chiúin' (the quiet wave) oil on folded Fabriano paper.

'The edges of this place'

An exhibition of paintings by Inishowen based artist Sinéad Smyth

Launching at Echo Echo Dance Theatre in Derry, on Friday 5th May at 7pm.

This collection of paintings, developed in the months of Winter and into Spring of this year, investigate relationships between the edge of land and sea and life, in a personal way for the artist.

Ideas are explored between static time, movement and motion between the order and chaos which reflects into how we get through our days, the constant shifting of light and colour within a matrix of boundaries and edges and how we engage with these while trying to find our way in an ever-changing landscape of life’s challenges. In the spaces between land and sea and our mind’s perception of how things are and how things can change, we reflect and change our direction while seeking the edges of our own personal realities, trying to make sense of our own existence and experiences.

There are references to the wild and beautiful surroundings of the artist’s home around the Inishowen Peninsula as well as the artist’s ideas and questions about time and energy, posing questions about quantum mechanics and the possibilities of folding space, time and thought.

This is a collection of oil paintings on folded paper and repurposed surfaces and you are invited to come and speak with the artist and share your thoughts during the opening evening and by leaving your questions and thoughts in writing, which the artist will respond to, for the duration of the exhibition.

The exhibition will continue to Friday 23rd June.

Public viewing

Opening event Friday 5th May at 7pm.

Mon-Fri 10am-4pm.

Viewing outside these hours is available by arrangement.

Free entry.

About the artist

Sinéad Smyth is an experienced artist and facilitator. She was born and raised in Inishowen, Co. Donegal and has spent time travelling across Europe, North Africa and South America. She has recently dedicated herself to painting full time and renovating an old cottage beside her home into a studio and gallery.

Sinéad worked as an artist in the community, beginning with the Belfast City Council in 1995. She has worked with The Turner Prize, The Thames Festival, The British Council, City of Culture and many public bodies, on cross-cultural, single identity, cross-community and public art projects. Her paintings and installations have been shown nationally and internationally, most recently with the Onkaf Gallery, New Delhi India.



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