A look back at some of Echo Echo's broad range of artistic projects and collaborations...


Featuring November Dances by Steve Batts, See Me Disappear by Ayesha Mailey, Almost Blue by IMDT/Oona Doherty, Echo Echo Festival Presents in February 2021, Body Wisdom and a broad range of artist residencies and collaborations.

Annual Report artwork by zoocreative 


Featuring A Box by Zoe Ramsey & Tonya Sheina, Let's Play by Echo Echo Ensemble, How to Watch Dancing by Steve Batts, Almost Blue by IMDT/Oona Doherty, Without by Rosemary Lee, Echo Echo Festival of Dance and Movement 2019 and a extensive range of participation projects, residencies and collaborative projects.

Review 2019-20 artwork

Artwork by zoocreative