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Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company is based in Derry in Northern Ireland where it has its home studios in Waterloo House on the historic City Walls.

Echo Echo was founded by Ursula Laeubli and Steve Batts in Amsterdam in 1991. The company worked extensively throughout Europe before moving to Derry in 1997.

Echo Echo favours collaborative and co-operative working methods. The company is organised as an ensemble with a group of artists who are committed to long term collaboration and mutual support.

Echo Echo creates touring, site and event specific productions, a festival of dance and movement, a programme of artistic residencies, performances by visiting artists and companies, and a wide variety of participatory projects with a broad range of groups and individuals.

The style of our work varies greatly. Rather than being defined by a particular aesthetic or idiom, we approach dance broadly as the art of “poetic movement”. We understand that dance has a similar relation to our everyday movement as the poetic use of language does to our normal, everyday speech.

Being “poetic” in movement is natural and universal, and accordingly our approach is organically suited to many levels of participation.

We do not see a rigid or fundamental distinction between “professional” projects and “participatory” projects. We are committed to high quality artistic practice and to creating numerous ways for people to join in.

Echo Echo works with and collaborates with, among others, pre-school children and parents, schools and youth groups, people with learning disabilities, people with physical and sensory disabilities, and older people, as well as with professional dancers, performers and artists from other disciplines.


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CI Festival arms and workshop images by Patrick Duddy Photography; Ayesha Mailey & Zoe Ramsey and Ayesha Mailey & Tonya Sheina images by Simon Alleyne.