Fractals - an evening of short works

10th Nov - 11th Nov Echo Echo Studios Thur & Fri 8.00pmBook Now
Opening night of Echo Echo Festival 2016 featuring new work commission by Kelly Quigley

Image from Hemmed In

About Fractals

Fractals – an evening of Short Works is the first full length programme of original works by dance artist, choreographer and Echo Echo Ensemble member Kelly Quigley.

Kelly was commissioned by Echo Echo Festival of Dance and Movement to create and present Fractals at the fourth edition of the international festival in November 2016 in Derry, Northern Ireland.

Fractals consists of three dance and movement theatre short works:

  • Me and Her

Me and Her is new work commissioned for the 2016 Festival. A duet piece exploring the dynamics within working friendships, position, power, authority, trust, love and sisterhood. Me and Her is performed by Echo Echo Ensemble members Ayesha Mailey and Zoe Ramsey.

  • “I’m not skinny but I can dance!”

This solo work, performed and created by Kelly Quigley celebrates the body through dance. She says, “when it comes to dancing – does size shape or age really matter? Why should these things inhibit how we like to move?” This is a glimpse into performance when you’re not perfect. I’m not skinny but I can dance! was first performed by Kelly Quigley in April 2015, and again in December 2015 at the Going Solo Together Festival in Orebro, Sweden.

  • Hemmed In

Hemmed In was premiered at the 2013 edition of Echo Echo Festival and will be re-worked and developed for the 2016 edition. Hemmed In is a piece for 5 dancers that delves into the weird and wonderful way in which the subconscious mind intertwines with the conscious mind. Exploring images, ideas, emotions and sensations that have stirred the soul while dreaming.

This is a wonderful piece with the stillness and nobility of a Grecian play where figures move on a meniscus of silence, graceful, eternal and unearthly  Audience member

Hemmed In will be performed by Echo Echo Ensemble members: Ayesha Mailey, Tonya Sheina, Zoe Ramsey, Janie Doherty and Kelly Quigley.

About Kelly Quigley

Kelly joined Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company in 2009 after graduating with a 1st class honours in Dance from the University of Ulster. Since then Kelly has been developing her movement practice as an Echo Echo Ensemble Member. She first performed and co-devised Echo Echo’s production of Undercurrent (2009-10) going on to direct it in 2011. Since then she has performed in numerous other Echo Echo productions including the Chess Piece (2010-11) for which she also took on assistant choreographer role, Feel of Play (2012-13), The Cove (2012), Without (2013), Ludo Lusi Lusum (2014) and Lost in Frost (2015/16) for which she also wrote the script.

As well as her love of performance, Kelly has immersed herself in teaching within  Echo Echo’s education programme, working with groups of all ages and abilities. She regularly teaches Echo Echo’s dance and movement classes for children, parent and pre-school classes. Kelly is especially dedicated to Echo Echo’s Body Wisdom programme for over 50's where she has been working closely with a committed group for over 3 years with EE’s Artistic Director Steve Batts. Together they directed the Body Wisdom group in new performance works 'Those we don't see anymore' (2014) and ‘This Lonely Place’ (2015). Recently they directed a new intergenerational piece ‘Walk By’ (2016) for the Body Wisdom group, where they performed alongside members of the children’s classes and the professional Echo Echo Ensemble

Kelly has worked with many groups that provide services for people with special needs such as the Cedar Foundation and Autism NI and was greatly involved in Echo Echo’s two year residency with local primary school Steelstown PS during 2011-12. Kelly also regularly works with the Donegal based processional and landscape Theatre company LUXe, performing all over Ireland and also in Hong Kong.

Fundit campaign (2016)

Click this link to visit the Fractals Fundit page

With thanks to all of the following generous individuals and businesses who supported the Fractals crowdfunding campaign on in summer 2016. Your support is very much appreciated! Rewards, if selected, will be on their way to you all soon! Thank you.

Christine Gillespie, Michelle Black, Emily Welther, Stephen Beggs, M Loudon, Paul Quigley, Glenn Hinds, Sara Canning, Janet Alleyne, Cath McBride, Brendan Doherty, 27 Wagons Films, Mandy Blinco, Barry Davis, Sophie Ammann, Aidan Deane, Esther Alleyne, Jacqui O’Hara, Nicky Harley, Majella Biernat, Pauline Nolan, Lynn Colin Erin Katie Shanks, Koldobika Larrea Anchia, Carmel Mulrine, Bridget Madden, Colin Coyle, Jacqui Black, Matt Jennings, Christine Whiteman, Ryan O'Neill, M G, Mary Kay Mullan, Anna Nolan, Carlos Herrera, Ian Curtis, Aoife Toner, Maria Svensson, Sarah Bryden, Steve Lewis, Ailbe Beirne, Karan Batts, Mark Willett, Moira McHale, Marie Manktelow, Zoo Creative, Aimee Black, Marina Kim, Chris McAlinden, Dan Shipsides, Catherine Doran, and all of the anonymous and offline supporters.




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