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Class Yulia Bodrova

About the Classes


ContacTango is an open combination of two styles: Contact Improvisation and Tango.

We take from CI : free choice of movement, improvisation, listening to our body and our partner, changing of levels, supports and exchange of  the weight.

We take from Tango: steps, music, spine axis, rhythmicality, some elements of tango decoration. 

We connect the exterior beauty of Tangoand interior beauty of Contact Improvisation.

It happens a very beautiful connection…) 

ContacTango, it’s a little bit of technique and a lot of pleasure in movement, music, communication with a partner, courage to be yourself…

About Yulia Bodrova

In 2004 Yulia started dance Contact Improvisation. Her teachers were Anjelika Doniy, Steve Batts, Carol Swann, Joerg Hassmann, Adrian Russi, Andrew Harwood, Martin Keogh, Itay Yatuv and many others… She was one of organizers of Moscow International summer CI Festivals between 2006 – 2012 and now she is in the organizer’s team of Moscow winter CI Festival (from 2013 – till now). In 2008 she started to teach CI in Moscow. From 2011 – 2013 she graduated from the “Institute of the Integrative Psychology” on the program “Integrative Dance Movement Psychology and Psychotherapy”. Since 2010 she has been dancing ContacTango and Tango. Since 2010 she has been teaching “Babycontact” – dance-movement classes for parents and children (from 4th months old till 6 years old). Since 2012 she has been teaching ContacTango in Moscow.

Participation in Contact Improvisation Festivals:

  • 2005 Israeli CI Festival
  • 2008 “Skiing on Skin” Finnish CI Festival
  • 2011 Ukrainian CI Festival
  • 2012 Freiburg CI Festival
  • 2018 French CI Festival in Mens