We are honoured to welcome local and international artists to teach at Echo Echo CI Festival...

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Class with Robert Anderson

About the Class

Sculpting body and space

Working with our weight and surface we’ll map the contours and terrain of our bodies. We’ll examine the fluid mass and the varying tone of our bodies in motion. These will provide starting places for sculptural exchanges of weight and support. Actively observing our movement and stillness through our vision and sense of touch will support us to work in and out of contact. We’ll practice shifting attention between inner awareness, our near space and the composition of people dancing in the room. There will be a strong focus on exploration, improvisation and play.

About Robert Anderson

Robert is an independent dancer based in London. He teaches improvisation and contact improvisation for actors and dancers in Higher Education (Trinity Laban and Rose Bruford College) and in a variety of settings in the UK and abroad. Robert has been passionately involved with contact improvisation since 1996. Influential teachers have included Kirsty Simson, Nancy Stark Smith, Martin Keogh, Ray Chung and Rick Nodine. Robert has taught workshops in Austria, South Korea, Sri Lanka, France, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Spain, and Italy.  He performs with Touchdown Dance and improvisation ensemble SoFt. In teaching dance improvisation Robert seeks to help students find deeper connections through our senses, inviting play and poetry for the dancing body. As an organiser Robert has directed London Contact Improvisation since 2001. He was also part of the curator team for CI36 in Pennsylvania (2008) and the European Contact Improvisation Teachers Exchange in Ormskirk, England (2009). 


Here’s a clip of Robert performing with Touchdown Dance in Closer (2008): http://touchdowndance.co.uk/productions/closer/

Robert dancing with Kathy Crick in Shadows of Intimacy (2011) by Jia-Yu Corti: https://vimeo.com/45474544