We are honoured to welcome local and international artists to teach at Echo Echo CI Festival...

Kelly and Ayesha image by Living Witness

Class Ayesha Mailey and Kelly Quigley

About the Classes

This workshop will invite you to embrace the poetic possibilities of people meeting in movement and the rich compositional potential of Contact Improvisation. With each meeting we step into the unknown and embrace the mystery of our connection. We allow the humour, vulnerability and all that we embody, to form the material of our dance in real time and real space.   

About Ayesha Mailey

Ayesha is a freelance contemporary dance artist based in Derry, and the Associate Artistic Director of Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company, as well as a member of the Echo Echo Ensemble. She works as a performer, choreographer, improviser and teacher in the North West of Ireland and further afield. Ayesha is interested in the poetic potential of movement. With this viewpoint, she explores Contact Improvisation with people of all ages and abilities. Ayesha is committed to developing her particular approach to this movement practice through professional and participatory arts projects and workshops.

About Kelly Quigley

Kelly graduated in 2009 with a first class honours degree in Dance from University of Ulster. She became an ensemble member of Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company the same year and has been teaching, directing, choreographing, performing and writing ever since. Kelly performs regularly locally, nationally and internationally with her own work and as part of the Echo Echo ensemble, including places such as Hong Kong and Sweden. She also directs Echo Echo's sister company Body Wisdom who also perform regularly in the local performing arts scene. Kelly has been developing her contact improvisation skills under Steve Batts for last 10 years as part of Echo Echo. She has also worked with contact improvisation teachers such as Leilani Weiss, Angelica Doniy, Alexandra Soshnikova and Sergei Golovnya.