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Class Aureli Oslé

About the Classes


Ai: Unifying, Harmonising, Joining

Ki: Energy, Spirit

Do: Way, Path

During Aikido practice we study our body mechanics to reach the economy of moment, balance, timing, efficient and effective body movement required for a technique to happen without having to inflict it to others.

Aikido is a Martial Art that does not rely on strength to resolve a difficult situation and its principles can be applied to anything in life making it suitable to people of all ages.

About Aureli Oslé

"Aureli (3d dan) is our resident Aikido instructor in Echo Echo. Aikido is a martial art that is concerned with flow and blending and understanding rather then fighting. Almost anyone can join in and enjoy it. It can imrove your stamina, flexiability and strength, but more importantly everyone can learn deep and important life lessons from practicing it. Contact Improvisation has been deeply influenced by the principles of Aikido. The classes are very focused and friendly. And I recommend you to try it." Steve Batts, Echo Echo Artistic Director