Walk By

17th Jun - 19th Jun Echo Echo Studios 7pm (Fri/Sat), 3pm (Sun)Book Now
Public performances of new movement work directed by Steve Batts and created by Echo Echo Ensemble Artists and Body Wisdom

Walk By artwork

About Walk By

Walk By is an hour long rehearsed improvisation created from research into the poetics of the ordinary in the area of movement. It explores the relationship between what we bring to a particular time and place from our personal history and imagination and what we create from relationships in that time and place through reaction and interaction. The performance is influenced by attention to how brief, ordinary, incidents observed in everyday situations can have deep and mysterious emotional and physical effects on us and how small incremental things can add up to produce profound experience.

Walk By is the first performance made by the Echo Echo Ensemble, the Body Wisdom group and participants in Echo Echo’s kids classes together.

Past Performances

  • 17, 18, 19 June 2016 at Echo Echo Studios

Walk By Credits

Directed by: Steve Batts

Created by: Steve Batts and the Performers

Performed by: Dennis Golden, Marie Manktelow , John McCartney, Carmel Mulrine, Majella Biernat, Marilyn McLaughlin, Liam Cunningham, Kelly Quigley, Tonya Sheina, Zoe Ramsey, Ayesha Mailey, Dara Sheina–Batts, Paul Nicholl, Keyla Duffy, Zoe Armstrong, Aoife McLaughlin, Sapphire Roulston, Eisa Morgan, Hannah Young, Corinne Young, Tegan Jennings, Charlotte Doran - with thanks to all the parents and families for their support

Music: The Necks - Drive By 

Set: Tonya Sheina, Zoe Ramsey

Costumes: The company

Light: Barry Davis

Produced by: Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company


The Echo Echo Ensemble is made up of independent, Derry-Londonderry based professional movement artists who collaborate together over the long term and support each other in organising, creating, performing and teaching in the context of Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company.

The Body Wisdom Project is a participatory project for people over 50 years old who are interested in moving for pleasure and for creativity. The project began as a relatively informal opportunity for people to try out Echo Echo’s approach to movement and has developed into a project that includes classes, performance, and research based in Echo Echo Studios as well as projects taking place in care settings in the community . Walk By is the fifth Body Wisdom performance project .If you are interested in joining The Body Wisdom Project at Echo Echo Studios, or are interested in hosting a teaching or performance project at another venue please get in touch.

Echo Echo Kids Classes take place weekly, on Saturdays, at Echo Echo Studios. There are classes for parents and toddlers, 4-7 year olds, 7 – 11 olds and opportunities to progress onto Echo Echo's youth dance company Making Moves. From time to time these groups also make performances or get involved in larger scale Echo Echo projects inlcuding Without and The Chess Piece.

Walk By artwork by Tonya Sheina and Barry Davis



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