November Dances

2nd Nov - 30th Nov Online 20.30hrs GMT (sharp)
21 brief live-streamed dances for autumn 2020 by Steve Batts

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November Dances

21 brief live-streamed dances for autumn 2020.

On every weekday evening in November, at 20.30hrs GMT, I will live-stream a brief solo dance from Echo Echo Studios in Derry.


Join from 20.15hrs GMT.

No admittance after 20.30hrs GMT.

There will be a bit of nostalgia, a bit of hope, a bit of random wiggling and an invitation to the point of view on the world of a dancing man who will be sixty years old the day after the last performance.

I'll be welcoming autumn. In more ways than one.

Each dance will be to one piece of music and last between 2 and 10 minutes. The track for each dance will be selected from a playlist of around a hundred. That playlist is the collection of my favourite pieces to dance with, and the ones that I love to watch people dance with when I teach. The tracks have been collected over three decades and run from Bach to Motorhead and from Albert Ayler to Johnny Cash... with numerous side branches and digressions in between.

Everyone is invited to join me in the live online audience. The first of the twenty one dances is on Monday 2nd November. The last one on Monday 30th November.

The dances won't be left online for later viewing. Let's keep this live!


*Please note that all use of Echo Echo Studios is compliant with NI Executive government guidance and the company's Covid-19 Policy and Space Usage Policy*

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