Festival Workshop Programme

12th Nov - 26th Nov Echo Echo Studios / Foyle Arena Times vary
A series of public classes and workshops led by Festival artists

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Festival Class and Workshop Programme

Throughout Echo Echo Festival 2016 there will be open movement classes and workshops led by our visiting artists and by members of the Echo Echo Ensemble. The classes are open to everyone aged 16 years and up (unless stated) and each one is a special invitation to get an embodied experience of the creative practice of the teacher. In previous festivals the classes have had a wonderful friendly atmosphere and were a great place to meet people. After each class there is an opportunity to share and time for an after class tea or coffee in Echo Echo’s comfortable reception room.

Please note that where a teacher is leading two classes they will be linked, so priority will be given to people who wish to participate in both days. If you prefer to participate in only one day of a workshop we recommend that you attend the first of the two days. This applies to workshops taught by Chico Katsube and Shoko Kashima, Giannis Karounis (Saltator), and Leilani Weis.

All workshops open to the public unless stated

All workshops are at Echo Echo Studio Two, Magazine Street except Ockham's Razor workshops at Foyle Arena.

Translation through the body  

Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th November – Chico Katsube and Shoko Kashima

Studio Two | 10am – 1pm

This is a kind of confusion of perceptions. The visible image, invisible associations, inaudible sound, imaginary texture and smells in memories can be translated into the movements with your interpretation. 


'Physical and mental endurance in one kinetic act' 

Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th November - Giannis Karounis (Saltator)

Studio Two | 10am – 12 noon

Studio Two | 4pm – 7pm (Youth Group Workshops)

Giannis Karounis is a founding member of Saltator dance company. He pursues movement as a communicating code among people. He understands dance as a way of projecting and exposing emotions, leading the body in a journey where the purpose is the journey itself.

In this workshop Giannis will use movement forms in order to help the body awaken and set in action the mechanisms of connecting and approaching emotions. He highlights how dancers increase their physical and mental limits of endurance, feeling full and secure in the moment they decide to participate in or create a kinetic act. Giannis analyses and works with three basic elements fundamental for a dancer: Strength, Technique and Personality. 



Wednesday 16th November - Oona Doherty

Studio Two | 10am – 12 noon

Exploring the physical state of Doherty's Lazarus solo. Connecting to open fluidity as a source to pass through character embodiment. Suitable for all. Bring your body & your soul. 


Time to Play

Thursday 17th November – Tonya Sheina and Zoe Ramsey (Echo Echo)

Studio Two | 10am – 12 noon

Let’s commit to the process of the game. Seriously. 


Sensation, Surface, Space. 

Sunday 20th November – Mary Nunan

Studio Two | 4pm – 6pm ***please note later time*** 

This workshop will introduce practices and methods for attuning to Space as a support for movement: to sense Space as a surface – a dancing partner. It will begin with simple warm-up activities and build progressively to more expansive movements. The main point, that we will return to again and again, throughout the workshop, will be to release (as much as possible) those tensions that limit range of movement: to simplify, and at the same time, to clarify movement through an enhanced awareness of Space: to enjoy the sensation of dancing: to feel our own ground within it. The workshop activities will be based on principles and practices drawn from post-modern release-based contemporary dance techniques and improvisation.        


Tango Argentino

Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th November – Leilani Weis, Eva Yufre, Chechu García

Studio Two | 11.30am – 1.30pm

The simplicity of a hug into dance.


Introduction to Aerial for Adults (16 years+) (***FULLY BOOKED***)

Friday 25th November – Ockham’s Razor – Alex Harvey, Steve Ryan and Telma Pinto

Foyle Arena, St Columb’s Park, Limavady Road | 11am – 1pm

Ockham's Razor's Introduction to Aerial workshops give you the chance to learn gravity defying aerial circus skills. Try your hand at Aerial Rope and Trapeze with one of the UK’s premier Circus Companies. Our team of top teachers create a 90 min workshop that is full of fun, whilst you test your dexterity and discover new talents. Individual students will receive a great deal of 1 to 1 attention – guaranteeing that you get the most out of this fantastic opportunity.

No previous experience is necessary. 


An introduction to Acrobalance for Children for Children (8-15 years) (***FULLY BOOKED***)

Saturday 26th November – Ockham’s Razor - Emily Nicholl and Nich Galzin

Foyle Arena, St Columb’s Park, Limavady Road | 10.30am – 12noon

Drawing from the techniques used in Tipping Point, Ockham's Razor offer this introduction to acrobalance. During the workshop we will explore partner and group work, how to perform acrobatic lifts and balances and support each other's weight in a fun and supportive environment. You will work alongside cast members from Tipping Point to learn the basics of this circus discipline, which focuses on care, co-ordination and trust.

Participants need no previous experience just a willingness to learn and work within a group. Please wear loose fitting clothing that you can comfortably move in.   


Booking information

Please book in advance for all workshops to avoid disappointment. Contact us by email or phone to reserve your place.

Cost is £4/class per person payable at the door.

If you require further information or have a specific access requirement please don't hesitate to contact us.




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What's On


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