Echo Echo Digital Programme - Youth and Young Adults (13 years plus)

17th May - 30th Aug Online Book Now
A free online course of 8 dance and movement sessions for teenagers and young adults led by Ayesha Mailey, Tonya Sheina and Kelly Quigley of the Echo Echo Ensemble.

Digital Youth

We all have the ability to be poetic in movement. This dance and movement series for youth and young adults encourages participants to engage with their own creativity; explore their solo dance and bring focus to composing instantaneously.

Sessions last approximately 15 minutes and we would recommend that you do the warm-up session and/or the moving with breath session before each of the following sessions. We also recommend that you explore a little further on your own after the recorded session has finished, so that you get the full benefit of the material.

The Echo Echo Digital Programme is a series of bite-sized courses designed to encourage you to explore your own unique creativity in movement, in the comfort of your own home.

Each course consists of 8 sessions which are led by various members of the highly experienced Echo Echo Ensemble.

If our Digital Programme sounds like something you or a family member might like to try, we welcome you to click the sign-up button below to gain access to the relevant course playlists.

We are extremely grateful to The Arts Council of Northern Ireland and The Department of Communities for their support of this programme.

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What's On

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