Programme 2016

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Programme Thanks 

Echo Echo Festival Brochure artwork and design by Ciaran Harley and zoocreative .

Thanks to visiting artist and company photographers for use of their images: P1 Cover artwork by Ciaran Harley. Original image of Chico and Shoko by Parkkim Hyungjoon; P4 Images from Liquid Gold is the Air by Rosemary Lee and Roswitha Chesher; P5 Fractals image by Living Witness Productions; P6 Chico and Shoko image by You-Wei Chen; P7 Image of Oona Doherty by Simon Graham; Image of Saltator; Image of Lewys Holt by Legge; P9 Image of Sarah Herr and Meret Rufener; P10 A Box artwork by Tonya Sheina; P12 Dones image by Jorge Gareis; P13 Tipping Point image by Mark Dawson; P16 Steve Batts image by Eugene Titov.





(POSTPONED) Sighile Hennessy and Cindy Cummings

9th June +

Dancer from the Dance Festival (Dublin)

24th Jun - 28th Jun +