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Welcome to Echo Echo Festival Presents from Echo Echo Artistic Director Steve Batts...

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Echo Echo Festival Presents

Tradition and Beyond

Past Tense. Future Tense. Present Tense.

Traditions are about networks of creative connections, sustained with commitment and continuity through time and space.

It is a given that the deep roots of the Irish music tradition provide nourishment for continuing extension, branching, new flowering and fruiting that in turn are developed and enveloped into the tradition.

In recent years the strength of this pattern of honouring the old, for itself, but also as a source for the new, has really shown itself in the work of numerous dance and movement artists across the island.

This festival, ‘Tradition and Beyond’, treasures this development. It includes dance and music performance, workshops and a round table discussion around the festival theme.

The programme has a great variety with artists who work in different ways while being consciously committed to honouring the tradition in which they embed themselves and to which they are dedicated.

Please do come along to as many of the events as you can. There are great deals on festival passes so you can attend multiple events and really get the depth of the festival experience.


Steve Batts

Artistic Director 





Echo Echo Festival 2023 - Programme

27th Jan - 11th Feb +

Echo Echo Spring Exhibition - In Our Nature

27th Jan - 11th Feb +

equilibrium - Emily Welther and Daniel Brandl

4th February +

Ultan O’Brien & Nic Gareiss (Portstewart)

10th February +

Ultan O’Brien & Nic Gareiss (Derry)

11th February +