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Echo Echo Festival Presents

January 2021 brought the clear understanding that we would have to jettison all our planned live events. Even though we had, months ago, taken very careful decisions, to programme work that was as adaptable as possible to pandemic restrictions, it became obvious that events with live audiences of any size would be impossible. With new travel restrictions and work-place rules, even a livestream from a private house, which needed a cross border trip and a technical crew in a small space, wasn't going to be possible. 

We really didn't want to create a dance-film event or to present filmed versions of performances which really ought to be presented live so we decided that the best idea was to build on what we have learned over the "lock-down" year and create a series of live online events. 

For us the Echo Echo Festival of Dance and Movement is fundamentally a live event with real presence and proximity. So we aren't thinking of this as the eighth edition of our festival. We are producing the week of events under the title "Echo Echo Festival Presents" and we'll be using that banner for other events over the next twelve months. 

The programme for the week will include online talks, with questions and answers, from all the artists who would have shown their work. There is a series of short, livestreamed, solo dance performances by artists of the Echo Echo Ensemble. There are also some classes, an opportunity to meet and question the whole Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company team about any aspect of the company's work and history, and an online gallery photographic retrospective of the past seven festivals created by Simon Alleyne.

The new works we commissioned aren't lost though. All of the artists whose work we had planned to present have agreed to bring the performances to us later in 2021 or early 2022 when pandemic restrictions have been lifted enough for that to be done responsibly. We hope the online talks will whet the appetite for that.

Please check out the details of what we are offering and join us online for some of the events, and don't hesitate to contact us if you want to know more. 

All the best to everyone

Steve Batts

Artistic Director