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Class Olek Wójcik

About the Classes

Explosive movement

In this workshop we will look at our desires to take more risk in opportunities that arrive in our dance, we will focus on elevating our confidence in carrying momentum, by developing our responsive instincts and regaining control in unpredicted positions. I plan to approach everyone in their own skin to begin this journey keeping the focus sharp and level reachable for every one to advance, we will be working together using each other to find means of braking our fears and gaining trust. Expanding our spacial awareness and filling in grey areas of our limits through the choice of rare directions. The practise will contain 3 main parts, take off , flight and landing, each one will teach us how to transform momentum in our own favor, we will learn how to; Generate and transform our energy to lift our center in space, Stay in control by use of our limbs and clear direction in the air, Organise our body in order to meet the floor and root our self for further possibilities.

About Olek Wójcik

Olek is a self-taught traveling performer and student of many flow arts, He left school to dedicate time in learning about the world from the experiences on his own skin and develop in poetic movement on the street. He began with the urban environment to construct lines of flow and challenges that enabled his adaptive skills to grow. He worked along a variety of artists to research influence in relation to the public and expand his skills of performance on the base of social interaction and improvisation. Olek has coached gymnastics for a couple of years that granted him with his technical eye and roots towards teaching his own explosive movement practise, containing many beneficial skills from a range of disciplines like parkour, capoeira, tumbling, slack line, juggling, dancing, contact improvisation, partner-acro and acrobatics. He keeps travelling to learn, obtain and share knowledge from many different art forms he picks up on his way around the globe.