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About the Classes

Coaching in Motion

Did you know that your body is the result of your mind? Your body tells very accurately the story of your life, each body part holds the information of all that is going on in your life, your health, your past, your tendencies and habits, your intentions, your thoughts and your emotions... Would you like to be in charge of your body? And use this amazing instrument to support you achieve your life dreams and goals? 

My intention with these 2 classes is to give you a little somatic taste of that. 

We will explore different ways to connect with ourselves and from that space to connect with others. 

We will focus on active listening and accessing our body wisdom. 

The Tools used are guided meditation practices; Chinese Qigong; Inner Fire Wim Hof method; and body work techniques from Traditional Chinese Medicine & Physiotherapy. 

Key Learning Outcomes

  • To synchronise body and mind so that you can be a channel for the energies that are going to come through you
  • Reversing stagnated energy into creative energy and potential
  • Acknowledging the body as the temple of your spirit
  • Entering sacred space and honor the sacredness in your life
  • How to raise our vitality and inner fire
  • Dissolve your stresses, pains & blockages
  • Decompressing and releasing tools
  • Achieving deeper relaxation states 

About Miguel Silva 

Miguel (MA) works as a therapist and movement coach. He is a registered Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga teacher, certified Evolutionary Coach, Movement Coach, Chinese Medicine therapist, Japanese acupuncture practitioner, Butoh and CI dancer and founder of Grupo Zen Ibiza, KU Retreats and Coaching in Motion.

Miguel is known for his understanding of body-mind relationships, body somatics, oriental diagnosis and psychological insight, having worked as a therapist, teacher and coach in several countries. Miguel’s teaching style is one of compassion and encouragement.

Originally from Portugal, Miguel currently lives in Ibiza and travels abroad to share his work.