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Class Elise Nuding

About the Class

In this class we will explore the full range of weight sharing that is available when dancing with another person. Resisting the idea of weight sharing as a binary choice of giving/not giving weight, we will delve into the technicalities and pleasures of the full range of touch and weight available in contact improvisation—from zero physical contact to giving/taking the body’s full weight. This class proposes that by turning our attention to the subtleties of weight gradation, we can find greater sensory attunement and enjoyment in all aspects of the dance.

About Elise Nuding

Elise works with dance and choreography and her practice spans performing, making, and teaching/facilitating. Her research explores the entanglement of the human and non-human, intersections between writing and dance, and improvisation. She holds an M.A. from London Contemporary Dance School and B.A. from Brown University. In addition to working with a range of projects on a freelance basis, she is currently teaching at DOCH/UniArts in Stockholm. Contact improvisation intersects this web of practices as a way of dancing, doing, and being that enriches her practice as a whole, and which continues to be a source of deep learning and pleasure.