How To Watch Dancing... (Irish Premiere)

29th Mar - 30th Mar Echo Echo Studios Fri/Sat 8pmBook Now
How To Watch Dancing (Looking Away From The Naked Emperor) is new solo work by Echo Echo Artistic Director Steve Batts...

How To Watch Dancing... (2019) image

How To Watch Dancing (Looking Away From The Naked Emperor)

A solo performance - in the form of a lecture - in the form of a performance.

Text/Stage Design: Steve Batts

Music: Chopin Nocturnes – Brigitte Engerer

Light: Barry Davis


Upcoming Performances

29th (Irish Premiere) and 30th March 2019 - Echo Echo Studios, Derry-Londonderry

Tickets £10 / £8 concession. BOOK NOW


Past Performances (Previews)

June 2018 - Centrul National al Dansului Bucurest (National Dance Centre Bucharest, Romania) - Premiere

12, 13 May 2018 - Echo Echo Studios, Derry-Londonderry - Previews



Excerpts from review of Bucharest performance published in GARBO online magazine (Romania):

'How to Watch Dancing' is a heartfelt philosophical performance about dance. I called it a 'dialectic of dance' and of dance practices, a show performed with so much grace which struck me and left me meditative for a long time after I saw the performance... 

'How to Watch Dancing' is for everyone: for the contemporary dance spectators and for the dancers themselves because it answers to all those questions in an incredible way. It’s surprising to see the moment of a dance dissect with a surgical precision. And I remained with this impression that Stephen Batts is a dancer, a choreographer, a philosopher and also a 'surgeon'. His show 'How to Watch Dancing' is doing the almost impossible act of dissecting the dancing moment in a poetical way. What are we looking for that is not a tangible shape, but a complex manifestation of a performative body, developed in time and space? 




Images by Bazar Vizual


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