Fusing authentic hip hop and salsa with contemporary dance and movement
Echo Echo is considered to be Northern Ireland's leading dance company and now offers dance training and workshops in contemporary, salsa, and street dance forms.

The company prides itself on its unique approach to movement and the Echo Echo ethos is seen running throughout this new FLUX series. Each dance style is authentic, non-competitive and still led by the idea of poetry of movement.

Participants looking for high quality, supportive teaching that involves a deeper engagement with the movement, not just copying steps, then Echo Echo's new FLUX series is it.

For more information about upcoming workshops, click here. Alternatively, contact the Echo Echo office on 028 7130 8883.

Inside Salsa


Salsa is, by its very nature, a fusion dance with its origins in Latin American and European dance and movement styles. It is lively, interactive and great fun.

Tutor, Ayesha Mailey is influenced by her contemporary dance background and Cuban and Cross-border salsa techniques. Her teaching combines the sensuous and energetic qualities of salsa with the improvisory feel of Echo Echo's contemporary style. She teaches fundamental footwork and hand styling with the focus on embodying the choreography from the inside out.

Participants will have the opportunity to develop their understanding and attention to movement technique through structured improvisation and set sequences in solos, duets and groups.

Ayesha Mailey has been practising as a contemporary dancer and movement artist for over ten years. Since 2010, she has been training in salsa dance, primarily in cross-body L.A. style (on 1) as well as Cuban, Rueda de Casino and Cha Cha.




Janie's teaching will be a combination of old school hip-hop, street dance moves and her previous training in contemporary dance. After going on a quest to find her 'groove', Janie has free styled her way back home determined to dig deeper and explore the pleasures of this passionate, energetic and funky movement style.

This will not be an ordinary 'copy' and 'repeat' class, but each individual will have the opportunity to bring their own imagination, skill, sensitivity and creativity to the moves and the choreography created. This dance style is full of humour, musical expression and authentic hip-hop beats from around the world.

Janie Doherty graduated from the University of Ulster with a 1st class honours degree in Dance. She has been performing and teaching with Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company since 2009. Over the last few years, she has trained in hip-hop and street dance in the UK, Germany and New York where she has worked with urban artists, dancers and choreographers.


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