Workshops & Classes


Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company strives to offer an extensive and inclusive education programme for all ages and abilities.

The classes offered are in keeping with Echo Echo's mission statement and values.

Rather than focusing itself only on the traditions of art dance the company sources its material in a wide range of areas, for example, martial arts, clowning, physical theatre, folk and vernacular dance forms, therapeutic movement practices, and other movement based performance forms.

Please visit the pages devoted to the current courses available.




Past participants' evaluations

"I found myself as a dancer and how my body likes to move."

"I learned that dance isn't just about style or how high you can lift your leg, it's the poetry within the person moving and using that to make moves and shapes."

"Echo Echo is a special company because it really looks at movement coming from right inside each person. Nothing is just about external appearances or the superficial."

"The dancers and teachers in Echo Echo are highly skilled, sensitive and imaginative- they are a truly creative company who create the space for magic to happen."



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