Under Observation


Under Observation

Under Observation

Premiered on Friday 14th November 2003 in The Waterside Theatre, Londonderry

Ursula Laeubli and Christine Munz who both originate from Switzerland created this delicate and moving performance together on the basis of Ursula's artistic concept.

"...the video projection is weaving, merging with the human body, the live performer and with the audience. Space and scale are shifting in the watcher's mind moved by giant images of the body like rolling landscapes and by shadows, reflections of the body, deep. Dark flowing..."



 Fri 14th, Sat 15th & Sun 16th November 2003: The Waterside Theatre, Derry

14th July 2004: Earagail Arts Festival, Letterkenny

5th to 10th October 2004: SFX Theatre, Dublin Fringe Festival

May 2006: Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival, Palestine 



Dance: Ursula Laeubli

Video: Christine Munz

Music: Daniel Weaver and Roger Quigley


Part-funded by an Individual Artist Award from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.




Tenderised poster


Premiered 24th April 2003 in The Playhouse, Derry


"...Let us take the body of a man..."

A unique fusion of text, performance and dance. The piece draws the watcher into the inner worlds of men of a "certain age".

Lonely men, angry men, frustrated men, vulnerable men. Men who aren't exactly losers but who aren't winning much either.



24th, 25th & 26th April 2003: The Playhouse, Derry

Sat 21st Feb 2004: Glens Centre, Manorhamilton, Co Leitrim

Wed 25th Feb 2004: St John's Theatre, Listowel, Co Kerry

Thur 26th Feb 2004: Friar's Gate Arts Centre, Killmallock, Co Limerick

Fri 5th & Sat 6th March 2004: The Playhouse, Derry

5th to 10th October 2004: SFX Theatre, Dublin Fringe Festival



Text: Joe Duggan

Actor: Colin Stewart

Dancer: Steve Batts

Light Design: Steve Batts and Brendan Roof

Sound and Light operation: Martin Burke

Concept and Direction: Steve Batts

Produced by Steve Batts and Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company


Supported by The Arts Council of Northern Ireland and The Playhouse.


No Trace


No Trace flyer

 No Trace

Premiered June 2003 in The Playhouse Derry

"No Trace" takes it's theme from water, representing the fluid nature of the essence of life and it's impact on it.

".... not only does water give to the human being and to all living nature the basis of existence in a living nature the basis of existence in a living body, but it pictures- as though in a great parable- higher qualities of man's development."



June 2003: The Playhouse, Derry



Director and Choreographer: Ursula Laeubli

Dancers: Colin Stewart, Brendan Roof, Ellen Factor, Kelly Reynolds , Lihi Shivak, Michelle Lake, Steve Batts and Yuki Sakamoto

 Production and Lights: Jonathan Burgess

Set: Jim Keys and Jan Kaspers

Music: Danny O'Really, Tony Mc Manus, Marta Sebestyen, Daniel Weaver, Royksopp, Yusa, Maceo Parker.


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