2013 Winter/Spring Programme

After a lovely break over Christmas, Echo Echo are excited and more than ready to start working with you guys again!

Our Winter and Spring Programme will commence the week of Monday 21st of January, with most courses lasting a period of 8 weeks (and a little half term rest in between!).

 We even have an exciting new Hip Hop class for young adults!

For more info, visit our Current Programme. Hope to see you all soon!


A TIME TO SIT on Fridays

Weekly on Friday - Continues from 25th JANUARY 2013

Please arrive at 1pm | Sitting from 1.10pm to 1.30pm

at Echo Echo Studio, Bishop Street 

With Bernadette Sheils

One of Ursula's greatest gifts to me was her commitment to sit in stillness. A commitment I believe she stayed true to until close to the end of her life. 

It has offered me great comfort, solace, challenge, frustration yet most importantly a real connection with my own personal freedom.

I want to offer people the opportunity to gather and sit weekly, in a circle in the Echo Echo studio where we can spend time together in silence. There feels little need to attach any collective intention other than coming "to sit". Individuals may wish to dedicate their own personal thoughts and intentions in silence or outwardly.

It is offered in the hope that we can mindfully nurture ourselves and this space together.

At one there will be some suggestion offered around the practicalities of sitting. We shall ring in the beginning at 1.10pm and ring in the ending at 1.30pm.

Please wear comfortable clothes, bring along anything you wish that will help you to sit in comfort. There are chairs available for anyone who is not comfortable on the floor.

Please contact Bernadette Sheils on 07794375707 if you need any further information.

Celebrating Light 21-12-12

"Celebrating Light"

An Evening of Healing Through Meditation and Chant

@ ‘Echo Echo' Studio, 13 Bishop Street

Friday 21st Dec 7.00pm - 8.30pm

The evening is open to all Energy Workers, Complimentary Therapists and Adults who are personally comfortable with Energy work and Meditation. (for parents this is not suitable for children or young adults)

Facilitated by:
Liam Cunningham BA MVHF MCHF SEP & Fiona Melarkey MVHF MCHF SEP

Please bring blanket cushion for comfort.

For Info contact Liam.

Email: Liamc@crystalandsoundhealing.com

Tel : 00353877873407

Cost: The event is free but a donation towards costs would be appreciated.

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