Spring programme announced...


Echo Echo's much-awaited Spring/Summer Programme has been announced. The regular weekly classes are back as well as Sunday Sessions and a Dance Picnic. In April, May and June, there will be plenty of exciting performances too.

View the programme here

More updates to come...

Body Wisdom: Dance classes for the over 50s


Dance and Movement for the Over 50s 

As part of The Learning Age Project, the Workers Educational Association and Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company have teamed up once again to offer a unique and innovative project for those aged 50+ in the community.

The course is called ‘Body Wisdom' based on the notion that wisdom and experience is written in the skin, muscles and bones. It will address health and well being of the body with the wonderful benefits of gentle dance and movement.

The course has been running since 2009 but spaces are available for any newcomers interested.

Facilitator and Artistic Director of Echo Echo, Steve Batts said: "This is a lovely opportunity for anyone who would like to engage in dance and movement in a context, which values the physicality of older people. It will combine a concern with the physical benefits of movement with the pleasure of activating the imagination."

He adds: "In most art forms there is a respect for age. For example the writer finds a voice in their fifties, the blues singer has only begun at 60 or the painter's art comes to its creative peak in the 70's. Unfortunately in dance the emphasis is strongly placed on youth and athleticism. This course will start from respecting the experience, knowledge and wisdom of older people."

The four-week course begins on Friday 9th April from 10am to 12pm in the Echo Echo Dance Studio, Waterside Theatre, Derry-Londonderry. It is FREE. If interest is there at the end of the four weeks then the course will continue throughout the year.

If you are interested, contact the Echo Echo office on 028 7134 2266 or email info@echoechodance.com

Schools performances in March

Media Release: Lucky local schools invited to plunge into the Undercurrent

Northern Ireland's leading dance theatre company, Echo Echo, will be performing their creative and acclaimed children's show Undercurrent for lucky North West primary schools in The Waterside Theatre this March.

Undercurrent received excellent reviews from audiences at several arts and children's theatre festivals across Ireland last year, including the Imaginosity Children's Museum in Dublin in October 2009.

The performances will take place on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th March at 11am and there are limited tickets left with schools such as St Mary's Primary in Cloughcor and St Cecilia's College attending.

Directed by Prehen dancer and choreographer, Ayesha Mailey, the production is aimed at children of all ages and can still by enjoyed by adults.

The dance and drama spectacle is magical, wacky and full of laugh out loud moments; plunging the audience into an episodic world full of superheroes, Grimm fairytales and friendly blue monsters.

Echo Echo Development Officer, Sarah Young said:

"Undercurrent is a great example of what Echo Echo's work is about- it is bright, playful and imaginative. Importantly, the company is delighted to be able to support several of the performers who recently graduated from the dance degree at Magee.

"We decided to offer two performances for primary schools because dance is now in the revised curriculum and is becoming more and more relevant. Also many of the teachers that we regularly work with have been asking us to do this for a while."

Echo Echo invited primary schools from the Western Education and Library Board to attend two special showings of the production, however it is also open to members of the public and tickets are available at The Waterside Theatre box office on 028 7131 4000.

Undercurrent performances will be on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th March at 11am in The waterside Theatre. Tickets are now only £2.50 per school child. If your school or group is interested in attending, contact Sarah Young, Development Officer on 7134 2266 for full details.

Supported by The Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

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