Consequences Press Launch

On Tuesday 23rd October, Echo Echo held a press launch for the tour of new production, Consequences, which premieres in Derry's Waterside Theatre on Tuesday 13th November at 8pm.

In Consequences, each of the six performers on stage delve into their histories and memories to explore how their characters were formed.

The visually arousing stage show uses a distinctive set design to set the scene as the audience see the characters talk, dance and watch.

Their personal stories, told using a variety of multimedia, are sometimes funny, sometimes tender but always an intimate glance into their pasts and psyches.

Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company has been a leading force in dance in Ireland for over 10 years, since moving to Londonderry in 1997. Its unique values and techniques make it a leader in the art form.

Many local people will recognise the company, from its residency in the Playhouse. Due to the renovation work, Echo Echo relocated to the Waterside Theatre over a year ago where it has use of its own dance studio.

The company has relished this opportunity to devote more time to producing high quality performance pieces.

This didn't go unnoticed by both Arts Councils in Ireland. Echo Echo received support from both councils for this tour and was one of only two Northern Irish organisations to gain funding from the Arts Council of Ireland's Touring experiment.

With rehearsals in full swing, Derry has had an influx of international theatre specialists involved with the production of Consequences.

Directed and choreographed by long time friend of Echo Echo, Wolfgang Hoffmann, the cast of Consequences hail from Germany, USA, Switzerland, Israel, England and of course our very own Derry.

All of those involved have had a previous working relationship with Echo Echo. In fact, Co-Artistic Directors of the company, Ursula Laeubli and Steve Batts have known Hoffmann for many years and even used to teach him in Europe.

Hoffmann is now a critically acclaimed dancer and director but is also heavily involved in the festival scene. He is probably best known in Ireland as the Director of Dublin Fringe Festival, which thrilled audiences in September this year.

Hoffmann says of Consequences : "We take real life stories and turn them into dance and we take dance and turn it into real life situations."

"I think everyone carries around a certain mask or armour so when you see this armour crack and the performers' fears or desires are being exposed it becomes very interesting to watch- the audiences get involved."


Echo Echo Consequences Tour flyer

Consequences has its World Premiere in Derry on Tuesday 13th November at 8pm and a following performance on Wednesday 14th. Everyone is encouraged to come along and enjoy the spectacular show that is sure to be a talking point.

Tickets cost just £9/£6 concession and are available at the Waterside Theatre's box office on 028 7131 4000.

Consequences will go on to tour 11 other venues around Ireland, including Coleraine and Belfast, finishing in Navan on Saturday 8th December.

If you would like more information on Consequences or Echo Echo, visit their new website or phone 028 7134 2266.

Consequences is supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland National Lottery Fund and is a research partner in Ireland's Arts Council Touring Experiment.



Consequences on YouTube

Echo Echo's new dance theatre production Consequences is currently in production and will tour Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland during November and December 2007.

Daring Feet Youth Dance

Daring Feet Youth Dance Group meet every Wednesday in Echo Echo Dance Studio. New members are very welcome to join in from 3rd October 2007.

Age 13 - 20 and no experience is necessary.

Contact Echo Echo for more information.

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