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Echo Echo will perform the final show of the Consequences tour at the fantastic new Solstice Arts Centre, Navan this Saturday 8th December at 8pm.

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Consequences has been very warmly received on its tour of Ireland and has been given a glowing review by Belfast Newsletter critic Peter Millar. Click here to read the review.


Consequences stage

Photo by R Epperlein 


Selection of audience feedback:

"Magical music and finale"

"Totally crazy show, very strange but full of emotions and real life symbols. Great!"

"It was very interesting, loved the different dynamics within the piece and strong emotions."

"I loved the video image at the end. Really enjoyed the music- the guitar - the movements it provoked. I liked the contrast of frantic movements alongside slow flow/gentle movements. "

"Video projection was an amazing technique. I felt the performance built to a very enjoyable conclusion. Excellent!"

"My first contemporary dance- excellent. Loved the movements, music, and humour."

"Completely baffled, but completely satisfied!"

"Just wanted to complement the company on the piece, which I thought really challenging and interesting. The end section was just brilliant and showed what multi-media can contribute to dance. I look forward to seeing more productions from the company and hope you come back to Sligo soon."

"I saw Consequences in Galway. It left me with a special feeling. As part of my Master in Drama at NUIG, we talk about the event as being experiencing a moment of magic on stage. This is what I experienced at Consequences. I could relate to the piece. I shed a happy tear and felt joy throughout. Thank you."

"It was amazing, first dance piece I've ever seen that wasn't ‘safe'. I loved feeling it could go anywhere."

"Wonderful styles of dance- contact improv etc. and beautiful ending!"


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Irish Times tour preview

The Ticket is The Irish Times weekly guide to entertainment and the arts in Ireland.

This week's edition (16 November 2007) has tour listings for Consequences and a preview from The Irish Times dance specialist Christine Madden.

Click here to see the preview (jpeg file, 233k)

Consequences and director Wolfgang Hoffmann are featured in The Irish Times of Monday 19th November. The article, by Michael Seaver, is available here (pdf file, 111k).


Consequences tour flyer image




Guardian Guide preview

Consequences is previewed in the current (10 November 2007) edition of The Guardian Guide.

Click here to see the preview (jpeg file, 281k)


The Derry and Belfast shows are also included in The Guide's pick of the week!


The Guide - pick of the week (scan)






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